Oswaldo Maciá work about

Sound and film

‘Equilibrium’ is a six-minute 16mm film (transferred to DVD) based on the sound of the call of the Diclidurus Albus, a completely white bat living in Central America and Trinidad. Macià’s interest in the sound of the Diclidurus Albus began when he read a journal article claiming the call of this bat was the ‘most beautiful in the ultrasound world.’ As humans cannot hear ultrasound without distorting it to bring it into our auditory range, Macià invited an acrobat to perform a rope routine to compensate for what has been lost. With this blurring of sensory boundaries, the acrobat’s performance allows us to see the most beautiful sounds.

Presented at:
Robert Mapplethorpe: Night Work at Alison Jacques Gallery, London, UK (2011)
Oswaldo Maciá: Equilibrium at Espaivisor, Valencia, Spain (2010) daydreaming with… at Haunch of Venison, London, UK (2010)

Leo Hedman (acrobat)
Patrick Jolley (filmmaker)