Oswaldo Maciá work about

Hunting Wild Grasses
Olfactory–visual scenario

‘Hunting Wild Grasses’ is a series of photographs of common grasses found in cities and rural undergrowth. Despite their ubiquity, these grasses are overlooked and, in many cases, are unknown. The expert on grasses Charles Edward Hubbard (1900-1980) noted ‘it is estimated there are about 620 genera and 10,000 species of grasses throughout the world. Of these, only 54 genera and between 150 and 160 species are indigenous to or naturalized in the British Isles.’ In ‘Hunting Wild Grasses’ Maciá captured on infrared film some 3,600 images taken with a macro-lens, a technique capable of a scale of observation far beyond the capacity of the human eye. These are presented as a visual orchestration alongside the subtle smell of apples, which is believed to heighten cognitive intelligence.

Presented at:
VTO Gallery, London (2003)