Oswaldo Maciá work about

Sculptural scenario

‘Martinete’ is a site-responsive sculpture for post-industrial locations. Comprising the sounds of five anvils struck in a repetitive slow rhythm, the title refers to one of the oldest patterns in flamenco music traditionally sounded out by gypsy blacksmiths striking an anvil. This sculptural scenario has two versions: the first with only sound and the second with sound and smell. At the Mercosul Biennial ‘Martinete’ was installed in a 107-metre tall chimney, a vertical symbol for the city’s industrial past. At Manifesta 9 the sculpture reanimated a horizontal tunnel in the defunct Waterschei coalmine where the sounds were accompanied by a stereo olfactory composition - one side drawing on emotion and the other on rational consciousness.

Presented at:
Manifesta 9 at Genk, Belgium (2012)
8th Bienal del Mercosul at Porto Alegre, Brazil (2011)

Saul Giner (musician)
Smell component created with master perfumer Ricardo Moya
(IFF, International Flavors and Fragrances)