Oswaldo MaciĆ” work about

Memory Skip
Olfactory-acoustic scenario

'Memory Skip' is an industrial skip filled with five tons of pine-scented soap. The pungent odour of the thick detergent forces the viewer to link the senses of sight and smell. Smell is associative; it triggers memory, making our perception skip from one recollection to another. As with 'Garlic Soap', in this sculpture MaciĆ” delves into the psychology of smell and the mechanisms that trigger memory: across the world green pine soap is associated with cleanliness - whether or not pine trees are native. Alongside this sculpture, a soundtrack attempts to capture 'the sound of smell' in a recording of pine needles being ground in a blender until the intense smell filled the soundproof studio to create a poem in an unusual language.

Presented at:
Museum of Installation, London (1999)